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ATV Quad Accessories Photos Conversions Additions Curiosities

Kids and dogs are not the only ones who enjoy exposure to mud

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ATV or Quad? From the ice cream parlor to the gravel pit

Quad riders, occupied with everything from chrome care to chassis tuning, differ considerably from the community of true mud pilots.

One occasionally comes across quad riders taking their vehicles through the urban jungle or to the ice cream parlor. Everything has to be squeaky clean, with eye-catching tuning accessories to draw attention. This phenomenon is especially found in cities, quad riders can only dream of scenic routes winding through picturesque countrysides or vast, and vastly muddy, outdoor "playgrounds".
In addition to these groups of "good" quad riders, there are also the "race track" speeders, easily recognizable by their rides: lowered, broad, square. It can be a frightening experience to cruise along the winding roads of Germany's Sauerland, Westerwald and Eifel regions on a motorcycle, only to suddenly find oneself face to face with a super-tuned quad zipping around a curve. As an experienced biker, I have always been under the impression of taking those turns in a rather "sporty" fashion. However, I must confess that those folks flying by on their quads and zipping around those tight bends do inspire a sense of awe.

For ATV enthusiasts, on the other hand, it's not about speed or a sporty suspension, but rather skilful maneuvering in difficult terrain.

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ATV's do not like asphalt and demand some challenging terrain. ATV pilots are still a somewhat rare phenomenon in Germany, for a number of reasons. Given the population density (read: crowdedness) of our country, anything happening beyond public roads is simply deemed undesirable and antisocial. That's not surprising if you consider that the practice of enclosing every patch of land in hedges and fences has its origins here.

ATV riders have no easy life

Even when succumbing to that that innate conviction that they belong in the mud as much as fish belong in water, it is difficult to find the right place. Construction sites, gravel and sand pits, and even desolate patches of overgrown are surrounded by prohibiting signs and barriers, testifying to a less cheerful side of the German mentality. The use of quads on the few "interesting" routes that remained has by and large been outlawed simply by reclassifying these areas as nature reserves. Entry with any sort of motor vehicle is therefore restricted to local residents and utility vehicles. I can't help but envy our northern neighbors in the Scandinavian countries for their common practice of leaving the outdoors free for anyone to use as long as this right is not abused to the detriment of the rightful owner. The best strategy here is simply to change locations regularly, so as to avoid any lasting damage to the grounds and minimize any inconvenience to the surrounding communities. But I guess that's just common sense, no?
Before I forget: ATV pilots love good Italian ice cream :-)
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